Day 3 of the workshop

I had a lovely post about day three of the workshop (the final day) all typed out and “published” …or so I thought.  Apparently it was eaten by the internet, so now I’m going to do my best to recreate it.

First thing to note is the energy of all the participants.  It was amazing.  All of them had ideas to go forward.  All of them wanted to talk about things that are important in regards to health of their communities and the national health goals (and how libraries can help meet them!).  They are library advocates and strive to do as much as they can for the profession.

The day started with presentations by each of the attendees.  Overall, everything went well.  Everyone had a chance to practice public speaking in a safe environment for less than 10 minutes.  After lunch we did more talking about opportunities for travel to the United States through organizations like MLA and through the Embassy.  Finally, each group (grouped by location) talked through action plans for the classes they will be teaching in the next six months.  We took notes and brainstormed with them.  It was such a great day!

I plan to have Martha write a guest post at some point when she has a chance, if she wants.  This trip meant so much to both of us.  It’s proof that much of what happens in our lives is due to relationships that we build along the way through our lives and careers. 

I tell everyone that if you have a chance to speak at a conference in your profession, do it.  You never know who is in the audience.  After all, that is how Martha and I have now been to South Africa twice.  🙂




4 responses to “Day 3 of the workshop

  1. I dare to say one of the best workshops attended in my career as Librarian. All the participants were so dedicated and enthusiatic. I can’t wait to share my knowledge with the rest of my colleagues. I’ve learned a lot and is sure so will they.

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